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Author Topic: How [POM] Came to Be.  (Read 26002 times)


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How [POM] Came to Be.
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Knights of Pomerania [POM] is a Community of players that Started in Early 2010 via a fantastic Medieval Warfare FPS called Mount and Blade: Warband.

Warband requires teamwork, discipline while being incredibly fun and rewarding. We were very successful in our endeavors and dominated opponents in our frequent Clan Matches/Scrimmages. Considering the visceral Player vs. Player nature of the game, we are well known amongst the community as hardened veterans. Our feared Cavalry Charges in Matches were incredibly devastating and our opponents left helpless and awestruck. During this time of dominance we were approached by Wappaw Leadership and an alliance was formed, POM Shares itsí forums and Teamspeak with our brethren Wappaw and hope towards the continuation of this alliance into further games. Warband will forever be the cornerstone game of POM and we look forward to it's second iteration, Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord when it is released.

POM is ultimately led by 3 Leaders: Doomcraft/Constantine/Kharel, but with several layers of leadership under them. The POM leadership prides itself in knowing that all POM members are equal, each with a vote to say yea/nay to any decision that lays before us. We are always looking for leaders to push our Community further.

Although a lot of our members still frequent on our Warband server, we have expanded into other PC games. We have progressed along, delving into a multitude of games such as: Arma 2/3, Shogun 2/Rome: Total War 2, Minecraft, League of Legends, Dota 2, Darkfall Online, Warhammer Online, Eve Online, SMITE, Age of Empires 3, Warcraft 3, Guild Wars 2, Vindictus, Arma 3, Drox Operative, Asseto Corsa, Life is Feudal and many many others. We will succeed in our ventures not just because we've stood against similar challenges but rather because we have a never ending desire to excel at anything we do. We will also continue to dominate our opponents by utilizing our core values: Experience, Cunning, Motivation, Teamwork, Relentless hunger for victory, Cohesion and above all else, our solid communication and fearless Pomeranian Spirit as we yell our War Cry from the top of our lungs....PEANUTS!!!!!!!

We are now active in the following games:

Life is Feudal
Arma 3
League of Legends
Guild Wars 2
Assetto Corsa
[Future] Star Citizen
[Future] Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord

So Join us! Read the forums (especially the stickies) and hop on Teamspeak with us and be part of a community that is a strong, tight knit and teamwork based. We look forward seeing you on the Battlefield.

****APPLY IN THE Recruitment Board and get on Teamspeak3 at teamspeak.usacentralpom.com
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